A biography of ben hogan an american professional golfer

By some accounts, Chester committed suicide in front of him, which some including Hogan biographer James Dodson have cited as the cause of his introverted personality in later years. Hogan won the U.

Hogan not only taught himself to walk again, he also taught himself to play golf again. It could be argued that his demeanor simply illustrated his penchant for action instead of words.

Hogan threw himself across Valerie in order to protect her. Not only did he return to the professional tour, but his best year of golf was yet ahead of him. He won his very first major in at the PGA. Hogan not only taught himself to walk again, he also taught himself to play golf again.

During his peak years, he rarely if ever attempted a shot in competition which he had not thoroughly honed in practice. The young Hogan was badly afflicted by hooking the golf ball.

Hogan to me, and countless others, is maybe the most fascinating golfer in history due to his incredible skill and success bred from his tortured past, personality and practicing habits.

Walter Hagen

I've read a lot of books about Hogan, and it may be that because Sampson's was the first it stands out for me Nicklaus once responded to the question, "Is Tiger Woods the best ball striker you have ever seen.

However, many believed Hogan did not reveal all that he knew at the time. InHogan entered just five events, but won three of them - the MastersU.

Hogan had a bout with influenza, however, that set him back, and he suffered through a serious putting slump. The top players, who were not away fighting in World War IIparticipated and the largest purse of the year was awarded. In the late s he organized a golf-equipment company in Fort Worth, Texas, and played in tournaments intermittently thereafter.

Hogan played his final official golf event in Even players like Byron Nelson, who drove with Hogan to tournaments and grew up with him in Fort Worth, would say that they had a hard time keeping in touch. The improved equipment expanded golf's appeal, brought high-quality clubs within the price range of many more players, and raised the standard of play.

Inhe won the Masters, U. Hand Dominance[ edit ] Many believed that although he played right-handed as an adult, Hogan was actually left-handed. Hogan ran his first putt three feet past the hole, then missed coming back. Throughout his career, he played hundreds of exhibition matches, all across the United States and around the world; these tours popularized golf to an immense degree.

He was not very successful, despite being a long hitter because he had problems with hooking the ball. On this matter, Hogan himself said, "You hear stories about me beating my brains out practicing, but This information was revealed in a Life magazine article.

I've read a lot of bo Sampson's biography is an excellent introduction to the man behind the legend. There must be something in the water in that part of Texas. His unwavering focus and ability to place the ball precisely where he intended contributed to the almost eerie presence he brought to the greens.

Ken Venturi

Open until, gambling for the pin, he hit a ball that spun backward off the green and into the water on the next-to-last hole. Jerry Potter, writing for USA Today, said that sometimes Hogan would save two newspapers and make a bed in the bunker near the 18th green.

Despite finishing 13th on the money list inHogan had to take an assistant pro job at Century Country Club in Purchase, New York.

Conclusion As already mentioned, by many objective measurements Hogan would not be classed the best golfer to have graced the world, even though he does make it into many top fives. The two fingers which should apply most of the pressure are the two middle fingers.

Ben Hogan was one of the finest golfers of his time and is best-remembered for his ball-striking ability. This biography offers detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements and olivierlile.com Of Birth: Texas.

William Ben Hogan (August 13, – July 25, ) was an American professional golfer who is generally considered to be one of the greatest players in the history of the game.

He was born within six months of Sam Snead and Byron Nelson, who were two other acknowledged golf greats of the 20th century.

Ben Hogan: Biography & American Golfer

Ken Venturi, (Kenneth Venturi), American professional golfer and sportscaster (born May 15,San Francisco, Calif.—died May 17,Rancho Mirage, Calif.), became a force on the PGA Tour, claiming 14 victories, notably a win (while suffering from severe dehydration) in the U.S.

Open, prior to enjoying a year career (–) as a colour commentator and analyst with CBS Sports television. Biography of Ben Hogan In career PGA Tour events, Ben Hogan finished in the Top 3 in percent of them. He finished in the Top 10 in of those events. The Hawk Was A Great Golfer But Was He The Best.

The question of who are the best golfers of all time often draws up some great debate, and it is often a discussion you hear on the various golf channels and programs, especially during play suspensions at live coverages. Frequently revered, yet often misunderstood, Ben Hogan () carried a mystique and popularity in golfing circles experienced by few others.

He became a phenomenon in the s and s, taking considerable numbers .

A biography of ben hogan an american professional golfer
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Ben Hogan biography, birth date, birth place and pictures