An argument in favor of professional wrestling as a real sport

Kurt Angle, an olympic gold medalist, joined the wwe, and has praised the athlethicism hes seen in the professional wrestling ring.

Benefits to women The resolution states: However, as the match went on and Zybsko dominated, the crowd began cheering him on and, knowing that going by the script could cause a riot, the ref had no choice but to finally count a pin and give Zybsko the belt.

Goldberg seemed lost in the match, not knowing how to handle more than his usual spear and jackhammer match.

They also have different levels that they compete in. One side says Regal sabotaged the plans of a quick squash, but Regal says he was told to have a six-minute match. Just goes to show that working with a drunk Giant is never a proposition that ends well.

Cheerleading really is not a problem. While Lucha Libre has taken a cultural hold in Seattle, the new bill could allow his school to make enough money to bring Lucha Libre stars from across the globe, including from Mexico City.

The good sport that she is, she clapped for Starr when he won the match — but not before flashing one final "L. Through the s, wrestling promoters tried to convince audiences that wrestling was real.

Pro I believe that Pro Wrestling is a sport. Burke still claimed she was the true champion and so a two-out-of-three falls match to unify the belts was set. Both just flopped around on the mat before an angry crowd so Inoki himself came to the ring to get this to end.

Never known for his calm demeanor, Saturn lost it against Bell, hitting him with real blows that sent him to the outside, nearly landing on his own head. However, rather than let it be planned, the two women decided to make the match a real contest. June Byers via tumblr.

I turned on the TV to watch people wrestle. Yes it absolutely is. However, Kitao was not happy with that outcome in the least and in the rematch two days later, he refused to adhere to the script of losing again and went out of his way to maintain victory. Participation Con is right in principle here, but I will note that the example I gave was orders of magnitude larger than his.

In professional wrestling, such antics are called "kayfabe," referring to the portrayal of staged events as "real. That some people prefer certain sports is sufficient.

It is not a sport like football I wonder if any NFL games were ever fixed. Jun 29,  · a very real arguement at scottish wrestling entertainment's uprising event at the ardler complex dundee june 28th Jul 28,  · The emergence of E-Sports and ESPN's televising of Cornhole and Poker triggered a major argument in my office about what activities legitmately constitute a "sport".

At a certain level there is no. Professional wrestling is not a sport. I would consider a sport to be an event where two individuals or teams compete to the best of their abilities to become victorious in their chosen competition. If the outcome is predetermined, as is the case with professional wrestling, then it is nothing more than another form of entertainment.

Nor is it an argument against wrestling being a sport that some part of the match has been scripted (as TSN advises it has).

After all, from the audience’s point of view, it appears to be a contest. 4. jest; fun; mirth; pleasantry: What he said in sport was taken seriously. 5. mockery; ridicule; derision: They made sport of him. [1] Wrestling is absolutely a 'athletic activity that requires skill AND physical prowess'.

Although underrated it is one of the biggest past times.

Is Wrestling A Sport?

One thing I want to go a little deeper into is the competitive part to it. The problem with professional wrestling is that it’s way too easy for the lines to be blurred and for events that seem so “real” to not be.

It took nearly 20 years for it to come out the entire Andy K.

An argument in favor of professional wrestling as a real sport
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