Impact of ict on atms

The most common method of card theft is Card Trapping.

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Complex ATM machines will accept deposits, Pay bills, Funds transfer and provide mini statement of the account. Mitroff [ 1 ] stated that, only the banks, businesses, industries, and whole by societies that clearly understand the new rules of doing business in a world economy will prosper.

Customer satisfaction in material sense denotes the aggregate position of the banks in terms of fee charged, frequency with which problems are faced and post purchase behavior of the customers. Subsequent researches have provided empirical evidence of positive and statistically significant relation between ICT investment and some measures of business performance.

Previous studies have shown that some people have phobia for change, and will avoid change if they can. Arguably, the most revolutionary electronic innovation in this country has been the ATM.

Share on Facebook If you ask four different people who invented the Automated Teller Machine, or ATM, there is a good chance that you may receive four different answers.

The Impact of Automatic Teller Machines On The Cost Efficiency of Nigeria

Chin S et al. They stated that investment in ATM result in ATM labour substitution effect which lower the operating cost and thereby improve their cost efficiency of banks. The study has a significant relation of impact of customer demographics on customer satisfaction level was found.

The Impact,Advantages of Using Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Nigeria Banking Industry

So banks with heavy personnel expense pressure tend to install more ATM to replace Teller labour costs. Banks have become the principal deplorers of ATMs because the cost of a single transaction performed at an ATM is potentially less than the cost of a transaction conducted from a teller, as ATMs are capable of handling more transactions per unit of time than Tellers Laderman, Further results show that: Internet technology facilitates and speed up banks procedures to accomplished standardized and low value added transactions.

Ease of use is an optimum convenience for customers to interact with a given system. Like with most technological advances, there is always a flaw which criminal-minded individuals identify and exploit to perpetuate fraud.

The Impact of the Automated Teller Machine

In this article, we will address a number of topics including the types of services provided by full service banks, technological changes and the use and important of automated teller machine and fringe banking services.

Trying out ATM before conscious adoption and eventual use was more likely to inspire confidence in using it. Hence, there was the possibility that there were those who would use ATM to be part of the trend.

The ATM service qualities have a positive impact on the customer satisfaction and the demographic factors like age and educational qualification show a moderate the relationship between the ATM. ICT products in use in the banking industry include Automated Teller Machine, Smart Cards, Telephone Banking, MICR, Electronic Funds Transfer, Electronic Data Interchange, Electronic Home and Office Banking.

Several authors have conducted investigation on the impact of ICT on the banking sector of the Nigeria economy. The Impact of Automatic Teller Machines On The Cost Efficiency of Nigeria. (ICT), Automated Teller Machine (ATM), ATM investments, ATM intensity, Cost Efficiency.

the findings from the impact ATM deployment on the asset management rate of banks in Nigeria showed that apart from number of ATMs which made positive contribution to asset. The Impact of ICT in Banking Sector.

in many strategic locations both within and outside bank days many banks even have e-branches and ATM galleries with highly reduced human.


Background of the Study Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are devices used by bank customers to process account transactions. Typically, a user inserts into the ATM a special plastic card that is encoded with information on a magnetic strip.

THE IMPACT OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY IN BANKING SECTOR INTRODUCTION There are so many definitions of a bank given by various,summarizing all the definitions,a.

Impact of ict on atms
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