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As the battle heated up, caution would come out, forcing a restart. Three laps down, Jacobs still out front, troubles for second place runner Brandon Shaw would bring out the caution and force him to the tail on the restart. However, four laps in, Miccah Grinner would work her way around Roscoe to take the lead where she would remain going on to pick up the feature win.

With the green back out, Wisecarver would work the bumper of Cline, looking to make his way to the front. With one of the largest car counts this season, the Rigz Towing modlites had three heats with wins going to Brandon Shaw, Clint Snyder and Barry Jacobs.

With the green out, Snyder would take the lead with one lap in.

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Back under green, Hensels on the front row, the battle would begin for the lead with Gary edging out Brad at the line lap after lap.

Hursey Heat 2 D. At the drop of the green, Adkins, would claim the top spot, ultimately putting a straight away between himself and the rest of the field. Bunching back up for single file restart, Fritter would again retain the lead as Smith looked for a way to the front. On average, Pyrrhura conures live around 20 or 25 years.

Lap sixteen, Cline would pass Wisecarver claiming second off of turn four then setting his sights on Hartman. And doesn't some string theoretical vacuum or grand unified theory or something else give us a natural reason to expect what the new trunks should be like.

Mason Radcliff would round out the top five. An early caution, a mere two laps down, would reset the field for their double file restart. Gambill, B84 Heat 2 D.

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Thus, going on to pick up his first feature win at the Hill this season followed by Wes Staley, Tim Workman, Wayne Newberry and Ed Geary, who would crack into the top five after starting tail. Eight down, Daugherty would find himself second, looking in at the leader.

The Rigz Towing modlite division had a single heat race with the win going to Jimmy Smith. Unfortunately for him, caution would come out on lap fifteen bunching the field up for restart.

Many experts believe that these birds should not be kept in captivity unless in a breeding program. As the front of the field worked their way through lap traffic, Cline would use the lap cars to his advantage to take the lead off of turn two with twenty-three laps in the books.

After two early cautions, the green was back out and Loney would again take the top spot with Duston putting on the pressure from second.

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Meanwhile, making his presence known, Justin Williamson would work his way into the top four from an eleventh place start. Wilson Heat 2 C. Instead of Los Alamos, it was moved to the Fermilab, and the physicists in the collaboration were only allowed to take marijuana, no LSD.

However, both Cline and Hartman would run out of laps as Jesse Wisecarver would pick up the checker. Back under green, Rolly would again claim the top spot, going on to pick up yet another win on the season.

The helicity is conserved — basically because the angular momentum is conserved — so even with the Majorana type, you can't easily turn a particle into an antiparticle.

The Rigs Towing modlites had two heat races with wins going to Clint Snyder and Tanner McLoughlin, setting them front row for their feature event. With three to go, Hornikel would use the low line to work around Gentry claiming second.

OK, 3 mass eigenvalues plus 4 angles give you 7 parameters.

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As pole setter, Mumaw set the pace to the green, he would take the high side claiming the lead. Danny Mumaw would once again claim the top spot, remaining unchallenged, lapping up to ninth position, to go on and pick up the first feature win of the season for the OVSCA.

Meanwhile, maneuvering his way up from his fifth place start position, Ed Geary would also begin working the bumper of Workman to claim second with nine laps down.

Lowe Heat 4 A. Jumping out front early, Workman would take the lead followed by Wes Staley. Jacobs Heat 2 T. Wilson would challenge Potts for the lead, lap for lap, with Potts maintaining the lead.

Lee, BJ Cannon, J. Among the senior wedges, youngsters, Evan Large and Miccah Greiner would battle it out for the lead with Large picking up the win.

But what about the quadruple-trunked elephant. Usually running among the modlites, the dwarf division featured an eleven car field with a single heat race win going to Nick Grubbs.

Throughout the years, it was becoming natural for everyone to believe that just like the quarks are mixed thanks to the CKM matrixthe neutrinos are mixed according to the PMNS matrix.

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